PCB Design Service

If you need shorter “Time to Market” then you can hire our pcb design service. As a pcb manufacturer we have the best understanding of pcb design. Apart from board to board copy, if you need to design the pcb from concept or if you need any shorts of editing of your existing design, we can do that in very short time.

Our PCB Design Capability:

We have our own design team. If you do not have your PCB design ready, please let us know, we will do that for you. Generally we do PCB design with “Eagle PCB”, but we also have capability to use “ORCAD”/ “Protel DXF”.

  • PCB Design service of all types of PCBs, including Single Side PCB, Double Side PTH PCB, Multi-layer, rigid or Felx or both
  • High dense and complex design with both side components and special or customized components.
  • Critical Analog or RF Circuits with PCB antenna
  • PCB to PCB Copy i.e. PCB reverse engineering

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