About Us

Mekatron Systems Pvt. Ltd. has been established as a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Manufacturing company at 2014.

Before establishing a new PCB manufacturing company we had our fixed aim that we should come with Modern PCB manufacturing infrastructure so that we can meet the requirement of quality concern as well as price sensitive industrial electronics customers.

From first day of commercial production, we started with latest CNC Drilling and Routing Machine.

CNC Drilling and Routing, not only makes the production faster, but also it is more accurate and absolutely no drill mistake, thus increase PCB Quality far better.

For making fine pitch PCB trace, like SMD (surface mount device), we have come out with dry film lamination and UV exposure unit, so that our pcb can be manufactured with traces as small as 10 mils.

For masking also we are not doing as conventional, silk screen process, we are using PISM(Photoimageable Solder Mask) with UV Curing, so that PCB can pass through High Temperature Soldering process and also have glossy professional look.

Apart from Single Side Glass board we are manufacturing Double Side PTH and Non PTH
FR4 Board and Aluminium Metal Core PCB for LEDs.


Apart from PCB Manufacturing, we are also doing PCB assembly service for SMD components, as well as PTH components. We have latest SMD Pick & Place machine, Reflow Oven and Mini Wave Soldering machine. We can cater any need from prototype to bulk production of any electronics components. Not only that we have also in house testing setup, so we can do the “before dispatch testing job” also. Please contact us for more about the PCB Assembly Service.

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