We are the best & Cheapest MC (Metal Clad) PCB manufacturer in Kolkata and Eastern India.

MC PCB is known with many names like, Metal Clad PCB, Aluminium PCB, Aluminum Clad PCB, Thermal Conductive PCB etc. Basically all are same type of PCB. Now a days due to rapid rise of LED market, the demand of this PCB rises exponentially.

A thin layer of thermally conductive but electrically insulating dielectric is laminated between a metal base and a copper foil. The copper foil is etched into the desired circuit pattern and the metal base draws heat away from this circuit through the thin dielectric.

  • Heat dissipation is dramatically superior to standard FR-4 constructions.
  • The dielectrics used are typically 5 to 10 times as thermally conductive as conventional epoxy-glass and a tenth of the thickness
  • Thermal transfer exponentially more efficient than a conventional rigid PCB.
  • Lower copper weights than suggested by the IPC heat-rise charts can be used.
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